new shapes and ideas

I took Janneke to the lake last week.  I wanted to see if she would put weight on her feet while standing in the sand.  She wouldn't.  In fact, she kept her feet on my legs as much as possible.  Funny how her face showed little to no reaction, but her body language spoke loud and clear - "this sand feels weird!"

Thanks to Nellie and Elly in the last few days, I have some flowers, a tomato plant, and a place to grow lettuce - all on my front porch since the rest of our yard is under construction.  And a thank you to the letters and gifts of encouragement with our renovations.  How sweet is the love of our extended community!

Check out the renovations so far:

Here's the door and mudroom entrance from the garage.

These doors lead from the garage to the backyard ramp and the girls' new room.

Um, this is NOT an accessible ramp.  But it works for the rest of us who are working through the mud.

And here is the doorway to the room.  The ramp will extend from the garage to the deck, and these doors will be at the deck height.  This will allow for such fun as Janneke wheeling outdoors in her walker from her room to the backyard.

This was our blue room and small bathroom.  If I took this picture from this angle three months ago, I would be standing on the trampoline in our backyard, looking through the windows of the blue room.   Now you are looking at the framing for the large shower/bathroom on the right and the workstation/kitchenette on the right.

* * *

Rachel is speechless at the demolition of the old bathroom. She is a great supervisor.

Whenever the workers are not in our new space, we let Janneke go free.  She makes a beeline for the windows.  We are thrilled with the low position of the windows; Janneke is so happy to be able to look right outdoors.  Hopefully, the neighbours are okay with this too.

* * *

This past Saturday, our home was crawling with electricians, thanks to JCL Electric.  They started the work for the potlights (ha!) in our new living space and the much needed plugs and switches.

Alongside the electricians, we saw a few familiar faces from past Saturdays.  Did I mention the guys were everywhere in the house?

The wall was cut to allow for the windows to be fitted in the basement section below Rachel and Janneke's room.

Ralph and I noticed Emily and Sophia were nowhere to be seen when the guys showed up Saturday morning.  We soon discovered them in their hideout under the stairs, one place that didn't need extra electrical work.

We had to move Rachel and Janneke out of their room for a bit, partly because Rachel is very sensitive to all the sounds.  With two bed rails and extra pillows, they laid comfortably on our bed.

Late Saturday afternoon, we had a chance to witness the wedding vows of Kirsten and James.  Kirsten started with our family as our respite worker and later continued as one of our VON (nurses). She is no longer with our home because she works at Mac; we miss her!  James was a former student of Ralph's, so it was an honour to attend the ceremony.  As soon as we greeted Kirsten in line, Janneke gave out a loud holler of joy.  It was as if she recognized Kirsten - so awesome for us to hear her response!

Back at home, we continue to adjust to the changes.  There's a lot of dust, noise, extra people, and more dust.  Yet, there are perks: We are currently enjoying an indoor soccer room.  (This will either be a bedroom or storage when everything else is done.)

And we know that when everything is complete, our home will allow us to care for our girls into adulthood safely, enhancing everyone's quality of life.

Life will never be perfect or easy - we live in a broken world.  Yes, we know that life is a gift and our girls (all four of them) are also gifts, but there are days when it is difficult to be thankful.

It encourages the soul, particularly on those darker days, to know we serve God whose arms span beyond our anger, sorrow, and anxiety. 

Cheers to summer and more new experiences.

Peace for your week.