a garage door and a gold medal

Janneke has developed a certain liking for mugs.  Not plastic - but real coffee mugs.  The other day, I was holding her on my lap and drinking my coffee.  I know, not a safe practice, but usually Rachel and Janneke don't have that typical curiosity.  Usually.  This time, I felt Janneke's hand slide over my lips and into my mug as I brought it to my mouth.  Now when she is sitting somewhere safe, we give her an empty mug, and she is thrilled.  

Janneke has also become more bold in her walker outside.  On Friday, the nurse watched her move after the neighbourhood cat.  Needless to say, the cat took one look at the walker and bolted.  

More new things...

On Saturday, the garage door was installed.  That's a 10 foot clearance!

Both new roofs are shingled...

and the soon-to-be-accessible washroom and nurse workstation have all the necessary plumbing parts, thanks to neighbour Bill. (That's not Bill in this photo - but another equally dedicated face around here.)

I have no problem admitting that this looks like one complicated puzzle I can't solve.

I was impressed with Bill's agility to work under and on our floors, connecting all the right pieces.

* * *

Rachel and I had a chance to visit with our SK friends.  It was a treat to be with the kids after a couple of weeks away.  They love to be with Rachel.

I love how they love Rachel, wiping her drool without prompting.

While the girls in the class tend to "mother" Rachel, the boys love to share their work with her.  Several boys asked that Rachel come to watch them paint their favourite part of SK.

Later on Friday, we visited with our friend Tanja.  It had also been a few weeks since we stopped in.  Tanja gives Rachel wonderful massages and keeps a close eye on her scoliosis.  Rachel loves her visits!

This weekend, we had a chance to go out for a walk at Niagara-on-the-Lake.  We stared at the USA for a few minutes on our walk.  Here, the girls are across the river from Fort Niagara, NY.  (The area is currently commemorating the War of 1812.)

One of the blessings with continuous tube feedings for our girls is that we can go out for a walk or an outing and not have to stop and find a place to heat and clean up for the next feed so frequently.  With a continuous feed, we are changing the pumps every four hours.  That makes for a nice four hour outing.      

Janneke finished the weekend with a cuddle from a champion.  Our niece Alanna and her soccer team at SDCH won the gold medal at OFSAA (provincial championships) yesterday.  We were thrilled for the whole team, but Janneke seemed somewhat indifferent to the whole business.  Congrats, girls!

Tomorrow is another busy day at Mac.  The girls are going in for a couple of appointments, thankfully arranged on the same day.  We are visiting with a couple of people to discuss how to better manage the girls' blood sugars, and the girls have some bloodwork tests to help further understand the unstable blood sugar levels.  We continue to have trouble keeping the levels stable, and no one is certain on the cause or good long-term management.  Maybe tomorrow will bring some clarity?

Peace for your week.