muddy trails

I came across this quote recently: "He who finds diamonds must grapple in mud and mire because diamonds are not found in polished stones.  They are made." (Henry B. Wilson)

Not sure if Wil and the guys found diamonds, but they certainly grappled in the mud this past Saturday.

Here are a few images from the last week.  

The accessible bedroom, slowly taking shape...

with a doorway into the already finished basement, creating future storage for all the equipment and stuff.

Many helping hands...

means the job is done - and with good humour and the occasional story.

All that hard labour created a great dance floor for Em and Soph...

and balance beam practice too.

And of course, there's always time for a cuppa - and conversation.  If you can give some of your time and talent, we promise good coffee, good baking (thanks Nancy, Rhoda, Marja, and Deb), and a great lunch.

This past Saturday was very rainy, making the job very muddy.  But the volunteers prevailed, perhaps inspired by the promise of Ashley and Ann Elise's chili and soup?

The eats have been served through the sliding doors with Rachel and Janneke watching portion control.

It was quite amazing to see the walls form for the driving shed barn garage.

We've had lots of passers-by, driving around the block to check out the progress.  One neighbour asked if I was building a man cave for Ralph.  I laughed - and then wondered if he was serious because he suggested I visit Home Depot to buy the new man cave signs currently in stock.

We loved seeing the walls take shape for the girls' bedroom.  It will be such a sunny space for the girls as they grow.  I look forward to when we can host an open house for you all to see.

And for our Beacon community (who just finished watching the Narnia performances), I couldn't help notice the lamp post in the foreground as I took pictures of all the helping hands framing the doors and windows.  Door and windows....

As gross as all the muck seems, it is pretty cool when your kids still think nothing strange of inviting a friend over to play in the mud.

Getting stuck in the muck

We finished the weekend with a quick visit to Opa at Shalom (retirement complex).  It was great to visit with both Opa and Oma, and he was quite thrilled to school us all at dominoes.

Janneke was not impressed with the game.  Not a fan of getting her picture taken either (see above).

so we found a picture book of baby animals.  Just the right kind to drool over.

Meanwhile, Rachel had her own studying to do. Every so often, she'd glance at Opa's dominoes to make sure he wasn't cheating.

More work days are being planned for our renovations.  You are welcome to join. Hopefully, it won't be so muddy, but this weather has not been predictable; tonight there is snow in the forecast! 

As for the making of diamonds referred to in the opening quote, I'd say that this gift of labour is- without a doubt- beyond the value of polished stones.  We are so thankful for the possibility to care for our girls long-term in the home safely and with extra space.

This Thursday, April 26, is the NPCC Radiothon.  I'll be on the air at 7:50 A.M. here, here, and here - not sure which order.  Ralph and I will be at NPCC for the morning if you want to stop by and see the place or drop off your spare change. I'll pick up your spare change and take it to NPCC if that is easier.  A bit of change means a big change...

Peace for your week,