from hole-y ground to muddy waters

I think this is my favourite photo of the past week.  Talk about extremely loud and incredibly close.

So, the signs are all around the house.  Yep, Blue Spruce Homes now has the sign on the lawn, and we have the dirt piles in the back.

Last week, our backyard became, well, hole-y ground as the hole was dug for Rachel and Janneke's accessible bedroom.  This was pretty cool to watch from our sliding doors - like front row seats to Mighty Machines. 

Rachel and Janneke watched during the day, and Em and Soph raced home after school to catch some of the action.  There's comfort in the fact that a backhoe can fascinate my girls.

Of course, the Weirsma boys also had to check it out (neighbours of ours), and their mom Andrea treated me to a coffee while the kids were mesmerized by all the dirt and digging.  

By the end of the day, the hole was dug.  We talked about filling it with water and making a swimming pool.  Soph thought it could make a cool place for a mini-soccer game.

The next day, the dirt piled from the hole had to be removed.  This brought more noise, more action, and more neighbour kids.

By the end of the week, we were ready to begin with cement. It was absolutely amazing for me to watch the cement truck driver weave his truck and extension backwards into our driveway and around to the back.  I complimented him on his driving, having previously thought it was a feat to finally manage driving the Sprinter.

The truck and extension wrapped around the house and poured the cement into the places marked out by the Wassenar team.

But, of course, the seasons seem to be changing daily here - from spring to summer to winter.  Friday night saw a blanket of snow on the site....

...only to change to muddy waters by Sunday.  Yikes.  (Hey, Aunt Marie, this reminds me of your dugout at the farm in Coaldale - maybe we ought to fill this for a swim like in the good ole' days?)

And now today it is Palm Sunday, bringing us to the last week of Lent and the anticipation of Easter next week.

Yes, it has been busy with the construction... but the signs and changes with the dirt, digging, and trucks prompts us to also eagerly anticipate the improvements made to our home that will directly improve Rachel and Janneke's daily care.  The waiting is the tough part.

Rachel had a challenging week with more muscle pain and unstable blood sugar levels.  I had a number of phonecalls this week with Mac that prompted feelings of frustration, but the week ended on a hopeful note with one specialist asking to see our girls -and what appears to be a tentative plan with our endocrine doc to help Rachel in the short-term.  We hope she is stable and strong enough to return to school this week. One day at a time...

Peace for your week.

And peace to the extended family of a special prayer warrior who supported and encouraged our family these last six years.  Lonny was a dear person to our family whose earthly body was consumed by cancer but now whose heavenly body is celebrating, pain-free. Lamentations 3:19-23 reminds that we are NOT consumed by our sorrows because of the HOPE we have in His faithfulness and promises.