the bunny and the blog turn 3

Yep, another year has passed.  Janneke turned three years old today - and the blog will be three years old in a matter of days.

Our little bunny is 3.  I don't like to recall that day of her birth too often.  If you are curious, I did write about it on her first birthday here.  But, we'd rather reflect on and celebrate the living that has happened since that first weak breath in the labour room.

Now there's so much hair, so much personality.... still very stoic and solemn, but so inquisitive.

These last few days leading up to Janneke's birthday have been filled with demolition and preparation for our home renovations.  Ralph had Sophia alongside him, learning the art of using the hammer, and tearing out nails.  Just a few bandaids later, there was more wood piled next to the deck than on the footings.  Success - and sore muscles.

Certainly, there were plenty of sister breaks.  Janneke and Rachel watched from the windows and cheered on the progress.  We can hardly wait for an accessible deck that allows the girls to simply wheel out and join the rest of the family.

We would love help with our renovations.  If you are interested in being a part of this project, you can email Wil Bootsma.  The next number of months should be chaotic but exciting.

The weather this week has been amazing!  Though Emily has been fighting a cold, all four girls have been outside - either helping Ralph or taking in some sunshine therapy.

Sophia worked hard to make a cake for Janneke and successfully baked a Greek lemon cake, complete with buttercream icing.  Very tasty!  Rachel was a great spectator but did not care for the sound of the blender.

Tonight we celebrated with some of our family.  It was a time to be thankful for the past three years and to dream a bit about what the next year holds.  We are so thankful for the love and support our families, friends, and the greater community give to us.  We cannot journey alone; we thank God for His faithfulness and for His love shown through so many.

Peace for your week.