big plans

Puddleglum once said, "Life isn't all fricasseed frogs and eel pie." 

There may be dreams beyond our reach and circumstances that continue to wear us down.  Yet, the truth remains: we are not consumed by all this.  Each day still holds the opportunity to let the light shine through our brokenness or to remain in pieces on the floor.  What will we choose?

Today's sunshine certainly permeated the old soul today.  Rachel had a chance to return to school.  We had to keep her home until her sugars stabilized, and we had to formulate a new plan with the nursing agency for her continuous feeds and blood sugar issues.  She was thrilled to return after almost a month away!

I had a chance to spend some time with Janneke while Rachel went to school in the afternoon.  I thoroughly enjoyed watching Janneke play with the glass on the sliding doors.  Was she seeing her reflection?

And then she saw the camera, so she got a little goofy.  For whatever cognitive delay is present, Janneke certainly knew something about the camera.  It was great to see her act silly.

This is her "I love Robert Munsch" face.  She loves to hear him yell and holler out his infamous stories.

* * *

It's official.  Big plans are on the move....  Wil Bootsma of Blue Spruce Homes has designed changes for our home that will significantly improve the quality of care for Rachel and Janneke.  Wil has spent a number of Saturdays with us, talking through ideas, watching us and the nurses work with the girls, measuring, and dreaming about a better design for our home.  We want to continue to care for Rachel and Janneke in our home, but we need to improve the space in our home, particularly if we continue to rely on the help of nurses and personal support workers.

So, the digging will start at the end of March.

We'll be adding a room (where you see Emily and Sophia standing) that will accommodate Rachel and Janneke's beds, the tracking, their equipment -leaving space that keeps everyone safe.  We also hope to add an accessible washroom that allows the girls to be bathed safely.

In addition to the room, we will be changing the carport into a garage that will accommodate the height of the Sprinter (see the problem?), as well as allowing us to load Rachel and Janneke into the van within the garage.  Everyone will appreciate this on the colder days.

We are open to your help.  Do you feel like demolishing something in the next month?  We have to tear down the carport and the back deck.  Do you want to help with the renovations?  You are welcome to join the fun.  Contact Wil; he is more than happy to chat with you about the plans and coordinate any help you might have to offer.  We'll keep you posted as it all happens.  Let the chaos begin.

* * *

Later this afternoon, Janneke moved from the window to the couch - no reflection there, kid.

And a very tired Rachel returned from school.

She woke up later so very happy and joined Sophia for some colouring therapy.

Peace for your week.  Thank you so much for your encouragement and prayers.
We look forward to sharing the reno plans with you as they unfold.