update on Janneke

Thank you for your prayers, comments, and notes of support.  We truly appreciate the encouragement.  Janneke remains at our local hospital while waiting for a bed to be available at McMaster Children's Hospital in Hamilton.

She spends most of her time resting, but there are moments when she is alert and ready for her drums. These moments pass quickly as her sugar levels change.

We acknowledge that many children and adults live with seizure disorders, but what is frustrating to us is that very little is understood about Janneke's seizures.  No one is certain why her blood sugars are not stable, and it is particularly intriguing that her sugars drop after she is fed.  To help create some stability, she is on an IV and is fed almost continuously throughout the day.  Being fed slowly all day and into the evening seems to prevent the sugars from dropping dramatically, but it still isn't solving the problem.

We are thankful she is stable, and with the testing of her levels every hour or every two hours, we are able to anticipate a seizure before it actually happens.  We are thankful for the doctors and nurses caring for Janneke at the local hospital, and we are thankful for the help we are receiving from our community to make it possible for one of us to always be with Janneke.

Once she is admitted to Mac, we will consult with our endocrinologist, who specializes in understanding chemical and hormonal imbalances.  We hope our visit to Mac will be short and helpful.

We are thankful for God's provision of strength, good humour, and community support.


Here is a photo of Rachel with a prayer shawl someone made for our family.  How fitting to have received it just last week.  It is soft and brings warmth - physically and emotionally.  Rachel is particularly drawn to its soft appeal.  We are reminded once again of how important prayer is.