a story for you

Scene 1: Tuesday night, earlier this week

It was a dark and stormy night when two girls and their mom drove into a back parking lot of a local Mercedes dealership.  They were in search of what their dad had seen hours ago on the highway, carried on a flat bed into the city.  The excitement heightened after a phone message confirmed what was already suspected...

Could it be?
Is it?

Yes, it was true.  

Everyone's Van had arrived.

 Scene 2: Saturday morning, today

It was a bright snowy morning when those two girls watched their mom offer a coffee to dear Mr. John Thompson and sign some papers.  Before they knew it, those two girls were riding around in Everyone's Van with their mom, calling out "curb" every time she turned right.

And there was much rejoicing.

The story is far from over.

Next week, we take the van to Northend Mobility for its wheelchair accommodations.  The modifications should take a few days, and then we will be available for tours and travels.  We would love to share the wheel with you.  We would not have this van without you.  On a side note, though, I have quickly realized that we can no longer remain anonymous on the road.

* * *
Meanwhile, back at Mac....

Janneke continues to remain stable, and we were able to cap off her port - taking her off IV fluid.  She is now taking a new, somewhat rare drug that is meant to stabilize her insulin levels, hopefully preventing more low-blood sugar issues (including seizures).  Not everything is understood with why this happened and its cause, but the endocrinologists believe this drug may help.  And then we can all be home again together.  This weekend, Ralph is taking care of her at Mac, and I will resume hospital duties tomorrow afternoon.  We are optimistic she will be home within the week.

Janneke and cousin Aleah watching a video together

There are trying moments when a child is in the hospital for any length of time, but God gives the grace and the strength to rally for each day.  Receiving the van in the midst of this reminds us of His love, His community, and His good humour.

Soli Deo Gloria.