prayers for Janneke

We ask for your prayers with our little Janneke.  She has been in the local hospital since yesterday afternoon due to a seizure.  The last seizure Janneke had was Easter Sunday 2010, and yesterday's seizure was unusual in presentation and length of time.  Sara was home with Janneke at the time, but we had to enlist in the help of paramedics to bring her to the hospital where she could finally stabilize.  We were hopeful last night that all had settled, and we would be able to go home today.  However, she started again with a seizure this morning, so she is remaining in hospital.

We are thankful for the medical care she is receiving.  We had lots of blood drawn to determine the cause of the seizures, and at this point, it looks possibly related to her growth hormones.  Her blood sugars are not stabilizing, which adds to the mystery.  We will wait and see.   Thank you for your support and encouragement.  We are very thankful for the help of Ashley and Christina who have helped us manage Rachel's care - and Em and Soph.  We are tired and bit worried, but we know she is in good hands, and we are optimistic all will be sorted out soon.