home again

out for a stroll with Dad

Janneke is home from the hospital.  Yes, there are feelings of relief in being home, but they are coupled with feelings of trepidation because there is no conclusive diagnosis as to what is causing Janneke's blood sugar level to drop after her feeds.  For now, the doctors are calling it hyperinsulinism.  Apparently, it's something found in new babies or other people post-surgery, yet no one is certain why it is happening in Janneke - and why now.

To create stability and time for all of us to learn more, Janneke is on continuous feed, and we are monitoring her blood sugar levels at home. She is on a rare med called Diazoxide that should regulate the insulin (preventing it from overworking), but we are waiting to see if it is actually effective.  

We are equipped with the right meds should there be another seizure or problem, but we hope that with the continuous feeds and being at home, Janneke's body will rest and respond to the med.  Unfortunately, Janneke picked up a virus at the hospital (cold? flu?), so she is not so cheery right now.

It was encouraging to see the love both Em and Soph had for Janneke this afternoon and evening, and Rachel was all smiles for me when she came home from school.  Being together as family is good.  

Pray for wisdom, for patience, and for peace - so quickly can anxiety warp our perspective, preventing us from seeing His hand.