So, we are curious as to what Janneke's body is up to.  She is slowly being weaned off the IV dextrose, with her sugar being monitored every two hours.  Within the last 24 hours, there has been no real significant change in her sugar levels.  I appreciate the stability, but this is a different story from what was happening while at the General in St.Catharines just three days ago.

Did Janneke just want to visit Mac?  Why now so stable?  Don't get me wrong; I am thankful for the stability, but I would feel better determining the cause before we take her home.  Endocrinology has assured me that this does happen with low-blood sugar issues with relation to a low growth hormone, and we have a number of tests ahead (not too invasive) that will possibly help with understanding Janneke.

Ralph jokingly said to me, "Sara, there are easier ways of getting away from the house for a few days."  But, we both acknowledge gratitude with having a good team of people helping us at Mac as well as having help with managing things at home.  We continue to be optimistic about this peculiar circumstance.

Yesterday, some of the emotions, sleep deprivation, and frustrations caught up with me, so I made myself go for a long walk.  I was able to explore some parts of the woods (Royal Botannical Gardens) as well as watch a number of deer feed on the Mac university soccer fields.  Something about watching deer and being in the woods reminded me of God's grace - as disguised as it maybe in the circumstances we do not choose, He is always present, always in control. Only by His strength.