At Mac

Yes, we are at McMaster Children's Hospital.  This is a short update because I am using the computer in the Ronald McDonald Room.  Janneke is sleeping better today, and her blood sugars have been stable in the last 24 hours.  We are waiting to connect with endocrinology, and we are hopeful the problem of her sugars will be solved.  (She is still hooked up to IV and her feed pump, so the sugars are stable, but we haven't really solved anything.)  Thanks for your prayers, emails, and notes of encouragement.  I am also thakful for a cell phone that allows me to connect with Ralph, family, friends, the nurse at home (with Rachel) and all the other members of our care team and community! 

We are especially thankful that Emily, Sophia, and Rachel could visit with Janneke.  They were not allowed in the General (St.Catharines), so last night's supper together in her hosptial room was extra special.

Peace for your day.