yep, it's Wednesday

To celebrate what appears to be a green Christmas for many of us, a friend has offered to make arrangements similar to this one (varying in size and presentation) as another way to add to our AppealforWheels fund - to keep the van running, to add a new bedroom to the house for Rachel and Janneke, and to add to the girls' RDSPs.

Sara (Faber) Vahrmeyer will create these beautiful pieces for you - prices start at $15 for indoor or outdoor arrangements.  Check out her website with this link.

(Funny - sixteen (or more?) years ago, I was in the bleachers at Calvin College's old fieldhouse, cheering for this feisty point guard on the varsity girls basketball team who is now making Christmas centrepieces for my family.)

This past weekend, Rachel's friend Epeus had a birthday party, and he invited the SK class to celebrate.    It was a party to be sure, complete with lots of singing, dancing, and laughter.  We even got to feed the chickens leftover birthday cake with Epeus's Pakke (grandfather).

Epeus and the SK friends made a beautiful coloured globe for Rachel, and all the kids gave money for Rachel's van and new bedroom.  It was a beautiful time together.  A special thanks to the Hoekstra and Doris families for their kindness and love.

Rachel has recently developed a love for this little bee...  maybe it's the contrasts between yellow and black? Nevertheless, she loves to touch him and watch him.

Janneke often walks into the blue room and stares at this small section of wall when the sun is shining.  She plays with the shadows created by her hands and the blinds.

But, then there are days when she is just plain tired of walking.  I have found her going in a circle, round and round by the piano.

And so, I pick her up, snuggle her, and put her in bed for a rest.

This week has brought more rest for all of us, despite a few days of me losing my voice.  We are enjoying the days together, and we are looking forward to celebrating Christmas with family.

Hope the next few days bring peace and rest for you.