and another week passes...

Well, Sinter Klaas came and went.  Thankfully, no straw or sticks were found in the klompen, and everyone is enjoying new slippers on their feet.  We are experiencing some snow today - but it doesn't seem to want to stay.  Will it be a green Christmas? 

The week has been good for girls - but the nights have been short.  Not sure - lots of chest physio and massages for both Rachel and Janneke around 3 in the morning.

Rachel visited her friends in SK at Beacon this week.  It had been a few weeks since our last visit.  Mrs. Bootsma (teacher) told me when she announced that Rachel was visiting, the whole class erupted in a cheer.  When we walked into the room, I heard, "Rachel's here!" from all corners of the classroom.  

It is awesome to see how excited these kids are for Rachel.  I hope to continue a friendship with the kids and Rachel for as long as possible.  When those SK kids can grow up accepting Rachel for who she is, I think everyone wins.  

There is much love here.  Riley and Zekijah loved building things on Rachel's tray.

Epeus and Rachel made gingerbread cookies, and Rachel presented Dad with her cookie afterwards.  She was happy to be a part of the experience making it - and Ralph was happy to eat it.

* * *

It's that time of year when the stores seem too full of people -good for business, but it makes for some very crowded spaces.  This week, Ralph and I were looking at washers and dryers, planning ahead for when our current ones decide it's one bib too many. We ran into a lovely neighbour, and we had very deep conversation in the household appliance section.

We talked about living with grief - without compromising privacy, I'll simply say she is familiar with earthly illness that leads to death.   I asked her how her days were going.  She said, "My emotions are slowly thawing out."

For some of us, dealing with a crisis or a slow death forces our emotions to freeze.  We run on adrenaline, coping with the issues at hand.  It is only after the crisis passes or the loved one dies, that our emotions slowly thaw.  Sometimes that means we fall apart and cry a few days after the event.  Other times, it may be years before we finally "thaw out."

I love that imagery.  It's as though there is permission granted to slowly deal with sorrow, all the while knowing God's grace and love can prevent permafrost.

Who would have thought a visit to an appliance section would encourage me in such a profound way?  Then again, who would have thought to celebrate the Light of Christ at a time when there are more dark hours than light in our days?

* * *

Speaking of light, I took advantage of some free light therapy for Janneke the other day. Janneke and I went to Canadian Tire for a quick errand- thankfully, she still fits in the carts!  She was mesmerized by all the Christmas lights and loved all the blinking.

Our experimenting with walkers for Janneke prompted a friend to pass along the larger size of Pacer.  As much as we like the Miniwalk, the Pacer allows her to touch and feel all the surfaces in our home.  The first thing she did when I set up the new-to-her Pacer was to zip over to the piano and play.

Janneke also loves to sit in her chair and "play" alongside Emily. 

The week ahead holds our visit to the paediatrician at Mac and more holiday fun.  Hopefully, it also holds more sleep.

Peace to you.