running the race set before us...

Last Saturday, we buried the earthly body of my Uncle Richard Poort, a bricklayer by trade and an outdoorsman at heart.

Honestly, pardon the pun, but he was a real brick, a salt-of-the-earth kind of guy.

The body we buried was worn out and weak, but his personality and our memories of him were anything but that.  Almost all of the memorial photos chosen showed Uncle Richard outside, enjoying fishing (all year round!), canoeing, and camping. He was loved by his immediate and extended family, as well as the community of Woodstock.

Bittersweet is the company of family who know what it means to live with sorrow.

* * *

Uncle Richard and Aunt Alida (my bib-making aunt) not only had a heart for their family and community, but they also had a heart for the children in Haiti.

So, it only seems fitting to run this Saturday's race in Hamilton in memory of Uncle Richard.  The race? It's called Road2Hope - together, both Citykidz and Edu Deo ministries are raising money and awareness for children around the world, especially in Haiti.

I had intended to run this race with both Rachel and Janneke, but as of late, Rachel does not sit comfortably in the double-jogger for the duration of the run. That makes me sad - but also determined to find a different type of adult jogger stroller.  She loves the movement while we run, so I hope to sign her up (last-minute!) for the 1K to be run in her wheelchair.  Janneke and I will do the 10K together.  

I suspect Janneke will finish ahead of me.

* * *

I am not a TV person - I don't have time to watch TV, but that doesn't bother me. Yet, I find that I have used TV in parenting Rachel and Janneke.  Up until recently, I had been using Baby Einstein DVDs, and I thought that was sufficient brain stimulation.

But, the other day, Rachel and Janneke shared some screen time with their sister, and I was in the kitchen.  I heard both Rachel and Janneke laughing....  and making all kinds of strange sounds.  Turns out, they were responding vocally to "big kid" cartoons.  They now love Dinosaur Train, Peep, Sesame Street.....

I guess they were bored with the baby videos.  I even got a funny look from Rachel that I swear said, "I've been trying to tell you this, Mom. I've watched Baby Mozart heaps of times; I'm ready to move on!"

* * *

It's evening now, and the last feed of the day is almost done.  Both Rachel and Janneke are wide awake; I don't think I'll ever figure out their sleep patterns. 

We are slowing leaving the colds behind, and the last few nights have been a little less interrupted.  We had a chance to celebrate Emily's birthday last weekend, and it was great to see how loving her friends were with Rachel and Janneke. There are times when Em and Soph wish they had friends who had sibs like Rachel and Janneke - so we are thankful for the love and interest shown during playdates and parties.

* * *

I had to laugh a little at a neighbour boy the other night: He came to my door dressed as a nasty pirate.  He saw Rachel sitting in her wheelchair and with mouth agape, just stood there.  I wanted to tell him that having a pirate at my door was actually more shocking than seeing a child in a wheelchair.... but I allowed him the time to quietly soak it in.  He closed his mouth, shouted out a cheerful thanks and went on his way.  Rachel glanced at me with her quizzical look as if to say, "What was his problem?"

Peace for your week.

And speaking of peace... what better to come home and read the funnies with no interruptions.