Monday, monday...

Well, the week started with a new friend, the CAA.  After a pulling out our battery that literally fell apart within its casings, the service guy said, "Boy, that rarely happens."

I said he ought to meet our family.  In fact, he did see Janneke who demonstrated her talent for sleeping and eating (the convenience of tube feeding) at the same time. She was tired out from her physio session at NPCC - really, the whole event could have been worse (side of a highway, no meds or feed pump).  Thankfully, we had just finished our physio session, and we were sitting in the parking lot of NPCC.  Rachel was home with the nurse, and we eventually made it home with a working battery.

The battery -with warranty- will probably outlast the van.

* * *

The past week has been decent.  We enjoyed a visit with Caleb, Nella, Aleah and Aunt Jess; the kids certainly enjoy each other's company.

watching a ship go through Lock 3

Caleb and Janneke playing Itsy Bitsy Spider

* * *

more from our week: Rachel have a heart-to-heart with Carolyn

Emily has started piano lessons with Julie.  We can't decide who is enjoying it more: Rachel and Janneke who provide an attentive audience, or Emily, who thrives on the challenge to learn.

* * *

Today started out a bit like a Monday all over again.... a significant sized puddle in the kitchen due to a leaky water tank, a slug on the floor, and garbage strewn outside the side door from some inquisitive neighbourhood animal...

But, aside from sliminess of the slug, I thought the silvery trail he left was kinda cool. (Here's the shot of our front mat that shows the trail it took to get from the door to the floor.)

It actually made me think of the kind of trail we leave behind in our journey of Life. Bit of a deep thought for a Tuesday morning, I know.
* * *

Now we are back into dealing with colds again.  Janneke was up most of last night, and Rachel had her share of the sniffles over the weekend.  Our care plan includes keeping their fluid levels up (extra water), adding Pedialyte to their feeds, lots of acetaminophen, ibuprofen, and Benadryl as well as sleeping upright as much as possible...  sleep...  Yes, sleep is a bit expensive right now.  But, everyone will mend -and sleep- in time.

Today, Rachel had her AFOs adjusted, and next week, Janneke's hearing will be tested once again.  In the next few weeks, we will be making several trips to Mac for follow up with our paediatrician, orthopaedic surgeon, and several others.

Good thing we have a new car battery.



Some lives that seem to end too soon on this earth still leave a powerful legacy.  Our thoughts have been on the Van Zumeren family this week and their extended community as they celebrate Glenn's life yet grieve his earthly absence.  

We hardly knew him -aside from one very amazing conversation this spring- yet to us, his life was an amazing testimony...