from Janneke

Hi, it's me, Janneke.  

I've decided to write the post tonight for my mom.  I've had a decent week.  Two of my big sisters are at an Ice Dogs game with Dad (they got to sing the national anthem with their school!), my other big sister (Ray-Ray) is sleeping soundly, and my mom is hanging out with me.  I love being on the computer; Mom is hoping I will figure out enough cause-and-effect to learn things like communicating Hello and Mom with some kind of computer program.  I've been thinking an iPad is lot cheaper than those augmentative communicative devices....

About my week:

I am trying out a new walker.  Mom thinks the weather isn't so warm anymore for long walks, so I had a chance to spin the wheels and feet at a store.  Mom chose Michaels because the aisles are wide and there are lots of fake flowers and pine trees to touch at my hand level!

I still have my cold, but the chest physio helps.  Here's an older photo of me getting the physio.  Even when I don't have a cold, I get the compressions a couple times a day with my puffers.  Helps me get all the gunk out of my throat.  It used to scare Mom when I would cough up old blood, but now we know that's normal for me.

I had a hearing test this week (again).  I am not amused by these hearing tests. The audiologists try to make me smile and respond, but I can't say I have much to give. The ladies are cheery and nice, but a soundproof room with no windows and noisy pink stuffed toys is just a little out of my league. Mom says I have to go back in May again, but she is not worried about my hearing and neither am I.

I am worried though, about this poor stuffed elephant.

I much prefer the outdoors.  Today was warm enough for me to meet my sisters coming home from school.  I love being outside, and my Mom is hoping I can withstand colder weather this winter, so I can be outside more. The more I can stretch my legs, the stronger my bones will be.  I also like the change from being in the wheelchair stroller.  Mom thinks my wheelchair (when I am bigger) will be a bit different from Rachel's because I can do some exercise with my feet.

To remind you of the last post, here's a shot of me going vertical. On our outside lift, that is. Emily is taking me up, so I can go right to the front door without having to be carried.

How's Rachel?  Well, she loves school, but she comes home so tired!  Here's a photo of her admiring the sunlight on the mirror ball.  She likes to push her feet on the floor to move the chair a bit, but she is no match for me in my walker.

Mom also takes Rachel to a chiropractor in our neighbourhood.  Rachel loves the massage, and it is helping her with her muscle pain and teeth grinding.  She comes home from her weekly sessions so loose and relaxed...  I am a bit jealous!

Have a good night, everyone.  I'm off to relax in my bed while being fed.  Mom says there's more to write in another post about our new beds to come.