two parties!

So, I opened the mail this morning to find our tickets for the upcoming Banter and Bluegrass evening fundraiser.  

And then I checked my inbox to find a reminder via Facebook about the Agape Valley Family Celebration planned for September 17.

Two more parties!

We are looking forward to the family celebration at Agape Valley where we can celebrate God's faithfulness through His people with raising funds and awareness for Rachel and Janneke.  Check this link for more information.  We hope you can come.  It is a bit different from a fundraiser - it's also being planned as a celebration of all the excitement generated from Appeal for Wheels.  Bring on the hayrides!

We are also excited about the Banter and Bluegrass evening planned at The Pearl Company.  Some wonderful people connected with Ralph's days at Redeemer have prepared a special night of Southern style food, story-telling and music.  Hope to see you there!  Check this link for more info.

Yes, we've received much support for our wheelchair accessible van, but Rachel and Janneke's needs extend beyond the van.  Almost all of what is raised will help us afford the van and related expenses.  The funds raised beyond the cost of the vehicle will help with modifying our home and backyard.  This includes ceiling tracking, new doors/thresholds that accommodate wheelchairs, and making our backyard accessible for the chairs.  The amazing outpouring of support has allowed us to plan how we might improve Rachel and Janneke's quality of life - in the daily routine, as well as enhance our time together as family.  Check this link for more thoughts.

We appreciate and love all the plans that have been made and are being made for the various fundraising events.  We are so incredibly blessed by the gifts and prayers.  We also hope our story will encourage you to walk alongside others who need the support.  We belong together.

Peace for your days.  Looking forward to the September parties!