a picture post

So, it's been awhile...  Some time ago, we enjoyed a hike at Heartland Forest in Niagara Falls.  Christina and I took the girls for the afternoon, and everyone had a lot of fun.  The folks at HF have worked hard to make this park accessible for all abilities, and we hope their vision is supported in the years to come.

Everyone stopped for a drink along the trail.

An accessible tree house in the woods!  

Turtle watching - with a slot for kids on their feet and kids on wheels.

A swing that is rigged up for chairs.  
Looks a bit intimidating, but everyone loved sharing the ride.

*   *   *  *

Our physiotherapist suggested Janneke start with a pair of shoes, so that she will do weight-bearing on various surfaces.  We have not been able to find a pair of shoes to fit Rachel's feet, but Janneke and I found a decent pair that have since been scuffed!  (Thanks to cousin Monica, we were appropriately decked out for our shoe-shopping expedition.)

*  *  *  *

Last Saturday, we had a big party at Agape Valley - hay rides, face painting, games, bouncy castles...  It was a great time, and we loved all the kids and friends sharing our thankfulness for the support raised with Appeal for Wheels.  

My niece Mia came to the party to share with me the news of her party - her birthday party where she asked for support for Appeal for Wheels instead of gifts.  Such a treat - a humble gift.

Both Em and Soph helped pick the winning raffle ticket for the Staal jersey.

And the winner: Yvonne Rauwerda!  

*  *  *  *

Last Sunday, I picked Rachel up from Sunday School, and found her covered in glitter!  I love it that she gets into her work.  (Well, let's be honest: Zekijah and friends love to help Rachel get into her work.)

The recorder lessons are back.  And now Janneke accompanies on the piano.

*  *  *  *

This past Friday, we enjoyed the Banter and Bluegrass event - what fun!  Sara Weber, the Golden Horseshoe Revival, and the rest of the Bluegrass team threw a great party, complete with amazing food and fun atmosphere at The Pearl Company.  We were humbled once again with the outpouring of support from our extended community.  It was an honour to share our story again - and we hope that this excitement generates care and support for others.  (Anyone have pictures from Friday? I forgot my camera!)

Looking ahead: I will be joining Mark Stephenson and several others on the Day of Encouragement to share ideas of supporting families deal with disablities (A4).  Here's the link.

I started this past week feeling overwhelmed with the care of my girls; both girls were not sleeping well and sleep deprivation does not help you feel rational or reasonable.  Yet, each time my girls seem distressed, I learn something about improving their care.  For Rachel, we suspect she is dealing with stressed muscles from all the activity of home and school.  For Janneke, we know that she needs more chest phsyio during the day and evening to help her cope with the mucous at night.  So, I leave the week feeling less anxious and more hopeful about providing better care for our girls.  

Today is a sunny, unusually warm day.  Rachel and Janneke have just finished their feeds, and Em and Soph are playing outside with the neighbour girls.  We appreciate this day of rest, and we look forward to what the week ahead holds.  

Peace for your week.