first day adventure

It was the first day of school for Ralph, Emily, Sophia, and Rachel.  Everyone was in good spirits in the morning although I wasn't sure Rachel had any idea of what the day held for her.  It was busy for our nurse as she helped our family with the morning routine; there is now extra work each day to prepare for Rachel's afternoon adventure.  (Rachel is in the afternoon SK.)

The bus arrived, and Rachel seemed somewhat critical of the whole business.  It seemed she was taking it all in from a very serious perspective.  What on earth was all this about?

By the end of the day, her big sisters were excited to see her arrive, and she actually turned her head toward us when we called her name.  That was pretty cool.  It is strange to have her come home and not know really what she all did for the afternoon.  I suppose that's like asking some kids - "What did you learn at school today?" and hearing a three or four word response like "Oh, we did stuff."

Being the only two not having a school day, Janneke and I went for a run by the canal this afternoon.  I loved listening to her coo and spit and make her unique sounds.  She enjoyed the movement and loved being outside. 

We have a few minor health issues to still figure out with Rachel, but we are thankful the first day went well.  So onward into the week we go.