cool jumping and cool jersey

There is something about watching your kids face their fears that emboldens us. I loved watching, albeit from afar, Emily and Sophia jump off the Kincardine pier with their dad and cousins. (I am afraid of heights!) Thanks, Mariah, for your photos of the pier jumping.

As said in the previous post, the week away was good. I should mention that Debbie and her friends at Penny's Laundromat in Kincardine were once again helpful with us and our bibs. I was able to pack over 100 bibs, so we did not have to launder every day (three visits in eight days). With the heat and no a/c, the girls did drool more, so I was very thankful for the help with washing and folding.

Janneke also gave us a laugh one afternoon when we put her in the walker outside the cabin. She made a beeline for Ashley's car, and she stood alongside, stroking the side. She paid no attention to the other vehicles; she must have seen her reflection or preferred to only touch a clean car. She is more and more drawn to vinyl and other types of surfaces - the things we learn!

Rachel has always been tactile selective - in fact, in her first few year, she wouldn't touch anything without cringing. Now she loves to feel our hands, and she even explored the sand at the water's edge. She made a constant singsong sound we called her beach song.

Being with cousins of all sizes is always a treat, but I am reminded of Rachel and Janneke's disabilities when I see the little ones jumping, eating, and running around. It doesn't make me so bitter or sad anymore - I guess it's just a quiet reminder in my heart that things will always be different. I love that Em and Soph love their cousins, and they look forward to carrying them, playing with them, and being with them.

This past week, our local city paper featured an article on our family. We had been contacted by a reporter who then took great care and time to spend a morning with our family. We were admittedly a bit nervous about being interviewed because it is a reminder that our life is not so private - and the last thing we want to do is create some kind of image of our family apart from reality.

Much thanks to Cheryl Clock for her story, and if you would like to read it, click this link. There are also about 30 photos alongside the article.

Only a few days until the weekend of fun! We look forward to seeing many of you at Club Roma and the Pork Roast. We are also thankful to Eric Staal for donating a hockey jersey signed by 18 members of his All Star Team 2011. There are raffle tickets available for this great jersey, and you can learn more by clicking this link.

Peace for your week.

Oh - another photo from our holiday - A great way to relax at the cabin: pjs all morning, Calvin and Hobbes, and older cousins who create more fun.