sister time, swimming, and lemonade

I think Rachel would tell you one of her favourite times of the day is when her big sisters pop into her bed and read to her while the nurse is getting Janneke ready for the day. I am so thankful Emily and Sophia love to meet Rachel where she is - even if it means crawling into her bed, tolerating drool on the leg and reading without a lot of verbal affirmation. Therein lies a love that I love.

These last few days, we have been enjoying all this warm weather and friends' pools. This year, we were gifted with two fish rafts, one for Rachel and one for Janneke. This floats are designed to be unsinkable and tip-proof. It has been awesome to see Rachel and Janneke float in in the middle of the fun. They are too small for many of the other special needs resources for pools, so this rafts have been a pleasant surprise. I love seeing their legs kick and their smiles as the kids swim around them.

This week, we had another appointment with Niagara Prosethics/Orthotics to try yet another style of boot that can assist Rachel in bearing weight with her feet. These new boots look like, well, moon boots. I call them Princess Leia boots (from Star Wars). We will give these a try. They are almost impossible to put on, but we will see if the boots can help.

In the meantime, Rachel also has been exploring the ground with her bare feet in the walker. I love this look on her face. It's either telling me she got a secret or she's thinking of mischief.

Janneke has taken to exploring with her walker again. For some time, she did not move much in her walker, but she is back at finding the piano, and moving towards us when we call her. It is still amazing each time she moves. I am not taking those steps for granted. Each foot firmly on the floor tells me her bones are getting stronger.

We were gifted with a family photo session with Elma this week. She has been a lovely new friend for our family - and not just because she has a great camera. She has been encouraging and supportive, and we appreciate her honest and sincere conversations.

If you read in previous posts, you would know Elma has followed our family around for a couple of days. In her photography blog, she shares a few of those photos. Click here for part 1 and here for part 2.

Admittedly when I perused through her photos, I struggled with two different thoughts:

one:I don't want to be a masochist parent who uses her children to seek unnecessary attention.

two: I see the photos as normal, but others have remarked on the abnormalcy of our routine.

There are parents who would understand our routine; we know there are many families who quietly live with similar needs and issues that don't blog or photograph each week. Hopefully, our story and our photos won't suggest story-topping, but instead, help those who see the photos to know that this is another way families live.

Sharing in the journey means dividing the sorrows and multiplying the joys.

We also believe that God's purpose prevails. In sharing with community, we also cling to the promise that He is faithful. When we wrestle with our doubts and fears, we can lean on the prayers of our community and the words of Hope (Lamentations 3:19-23). When we are thrilled with little and big achievements, we can celebrate with our community as we tell and retell the story.

Peace for your weekend.


making lemonade outta the lemons in life ....