cracked pots, U2 and more lemons

So, can you guess what is in front of the lens for this picture?

On Sunday, Ralph and I were able to take two nights away - first time since 2008 -and enjoy space from tube feeds, routines, and paperwork. We left for Toronto in the late afternoon, and our entire visit was enjoyable. A huge thanks to Ashley, Amanda, our nurses -and Wilma Harris (who stepped in to cover 45 minutes when our schedule of care briefly came undone Monday afternoon). Nothing like arranging care for your kids while walking along Yonge St.

We caught up with Floyd and Carolyn as they were packing up from the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, toured the downtown sights, shared dinner with Dwayne, Tracy, Phil, and Carla, and took in a concert at the Rogers Centre (formerly the Sky Dome).

Okay, so not just any concert. Friends of ours were unable to use their U2 tickets, so we kindly offered to go in their place. Thanks again, Jake and Liesje. Wow. What a concert. And so many familiar faces also in attendance!

Mind you, the faces are difficult to see given our view, but really, even seats next to the moon would still have been exciting. (We were about that high up.)

And I couldn't resist a quick coffee from SPot Coffee. No, not endorsing them -just excited to see my name next to coffee.

This photo is for my dear friend Renee who lives in China. Walking through Spadina and surrounding streets made us feel as if we were not just one hour away but an entire country away. So thankful for the experience of many cultures in one city!

Here are a few more shots from our session with Elma. Check this link for more - here, here, and here.

We wanted to include the chairs in our photos this year because the chairs are more present this year than last. As the girls grow, we know that we will become more and more dependent on equipment to help us safely transfer and transport our family. We'd like to think the chairs are just merely extensions of our home - not ugly frames and cushions.

Making lemonade outta lemons.

And thank you, thank you, thank you. It is incredibly humbling to receive your gifts of support. Finances can become a stress in any relationship. It is strange to see money as a gift when often it is a burden. Yet, we see your financial support for our family's van (and other items) as extensions of His promise to provide. May you be blessed as you have blessed us.

Peace for your week.