limitations vs potential

This past weekend, I had a chance to visit with some of my dad's extended family. I reconnected with Chantal, the daughter of my dad's cousin Esther. It had been a long time since we last saw each other, and I was so encouraged by her.

When Chantal was quite small, she would spend a lot of time at our house with my parents and siblings, to give her mom a bit of respite. I remember watching her and interacting with her, mindful of her limitations. I remember thinking about all the things she was not able to do.

Time passed. I left for university, married life, Minnesota, and family life. How amazing it was to talk together now and learn about all the things Chantal had accomplished. I learned about all the opportunities God had blessed her with - and the tremendous potential she has. (Check out her brief interview with Joni E. Tada.)

I reflected on how I used to view Chantal through the lens of limitation, but now I know that I was seeing so dimly. Reminds me of a verse in scripture.... someday we will learn how dim our perspectives are in all areas of life.

Chantal gave me much encouragement. I knew she wasn't going to mince words - she was going to be very genuine because she knows this journey from a very unique perspective. Thanks, Chantal. You were so good for my heart.

Surrendering what we think are limitations and asking God to show us the opportunities is not easy. His opportunities usually take us in a completely new direction... trusting Him with my life is a conscious daily choice.

Em and Soph came along with me, and though they enjoyed the day, they were thrilled to see their little sisters again.

Both Em and Soph have already scored goals in their soccer games, so they are more than excited for the rest of the season. It has worked to take the whole family to see a few of Sophia's games because she plays within walking distance of the house. Each time we go, Emily talks to me about when Janneke can play soccer in the Pacer. Talk about reminding me to look beyond Janneke's limitations!

We are excited to attend the first official event of the Appeal for Wheels in Hamilton this Saturday afternoon. Click this link to learn more. We are more than humbled and grateful for the outpouring of support so far for our van. Our extended community of family, friends, and friends-and-family-of-friends is amazing.

Peace for your week. See some of you on Saturday!

P.S. Thanks for the bibs, Aunt Alida. Your timing is perfect - and the bibs fit well. Yes, I love the new material, and if there is a moisture barrier with that new stuff, I think you might have discovered the superbib. Patent to follow, right? And thanks, great-cousin Corrie, for your machine.