time management

Check out our new nest! Another spring, another nest of eggs to watch.

So the song goes: It's raining again... (Supertramp). I am not complaining though. Reading stories from Quebec and Slave Lake, Alberta reminds me that a bit of rain is not worth the whine.

Today was a day when I wish I could sit down with Pa Gilbreth. Allow me to explain.

I took Rachel to see our orthotist, Mike. He has worked with Rachel's feet in the past years, and he fashioned new AFOs for her feet. These appointments are ultimately helpful because Rachel is sent home with splints for her feet (AFOs) that help her with weight-bearing.

(Actually, Sophia says it sounds cooler to say Rachel gets her own UFOs.)

I am thankful for the splints, but the appointment today was approximately 85 minutes long. Don't misunderstand me - Mike does well. He has to fit them very specifically to Rachel's feet. And Rachel's feet are not easy to fit.

My desire to sit with Pa Gilbreth comes from the intention to make the most of my time. I go "squirrely" sitting in a room, watching Rachel sleep, chatting with Mike as he pops in and out of the room, making the necessary adjustments... There is a fan humming in the room, and as I try to read through the local newspaper, I find myself dozing!

Waiting is a skill/task/job that seems to be a part of my life, whether I like it or not. Pa Gilbreth, a pioneer of time and motion projects, would give anyone good advice on how to best spend their minutes. (Read the book Cheaper By the Dozen.) I feel like my time is too precious to be wasted sleeping in the office for prosethics and orthotics. I wonder what timesaving measures he would have suggested - bring the laundry? learn German?

Here are a couple of photos:

This is Rachel's grimace. It appears to be a smile, and she often laughs too, but she is actually in pain or extreme discomfort while Mike manipulates the splint for her foot.

Success! We have a new set of AFOs.

And we have one very sleepy five year old.

Yesterday included a similar waiting game as Janneke's physiotherapist (I tried to help) spent an hour readjusting her walker, so that Janneke would have better posture while walking. In this first photo, she is standing so well, but seems to be missing something...

Oh, yes. Her drums. Now she drums and dances throughout the house.

With the rain, Em and Soph are inside again. They decided to fight the rainy blues by entering their little sisters on the Wii. This was entertaining, to say the least. To register as a Mii (the Wii characters for the games), you have know your height and weight. Em and Soph did their best to measure the height of both Rachel and Janneke, and the Wii program (with the Wii board) weighed them in. Apparently, Janneke is too young to play the games. But, her little Mii crawls! Em and Soph thought that was great.

Back on the topic of time management... In the next few weeks, there will be more appointments, so I better make the most of my waiting games.

I am actually looking forward to our visit with the Drool Doctor (the saliva clinic at Bloorview in TO). Though our appointment is for Rachel, we hope to bring Janneke along as well. We have spent more time each day doing chest physio with Janneke to help her manage her mucous. She gets quite distressed, and we alternate with suctioning and puffers to help her manage her airways. Rachel is going for obvious reasons, but we do feel that Janneke's needs are also worth mentioning.

On a different strand of thought, the fundraising fun is contagious! Please check out the link on our blog, and if you go to the "key" link, you will see that a significant amount of money has already been raised! That is humbling and wonderful all at once.

We hope to post updates soon about the fundraising, including a story about a former student of mine, Kelly, who has her own ideas to add to all the plans. How amazing is our extended circle of care for our girls!

Peace for your week.