new photos

Last week, we were blessed by Elma's gift of photography. We set up two sessions where she could come and observe our "normal" daily routine. Hopefully her collection of photos will help tell our story. Elma, thanks again. So much.

When I had a chance to review the photos, I did a lot of reflecting. My wish with the photos was that we would remain real and true to who we are. I don't want to become a masochist parent (check out Ian Brown link on the side bar) where our two kids with special needs become everything we are. I don't want to sacrifice their dignity or our family's privacy for the sake of gaining more attention.

Rachel and Janneke are part of our family, yet our blog does focus on them. But, each time I consider resigning the blog, I am told by more than one person how our experience gives them a glimpse of what they would otherwise not know or consider.

I guess it's about balance: We want to share our story to stay connected with our extended global community, yet we don't want to create a sob story or paint a pity picture.

We ain't looking for pity.

I guess it's about sharing the determination to find joy in the daily living. The whole make-lemonade-out-of-lemons idea.

But, it's more than just a cold drink. It's a way of life built on the hope that God will be faithful each step of this journey.

(Hooray for nurses who don't mind photos while on the job.)

I hope to compile the photos into some type of story format. Our hope is that these pictures will also help our community understand our needs. We are thrilled and humbled and thankful for all the support raised so far for our accessible van. We look forward to meeting and seeing many of you on June 11 in Hamilton. Check the website for details as they unfold. We have been touched by the notes that have been sent to us via family and friends. Thank you.

So, another week is here. This week, I will wade through paperwork for the second attempt to obtain ceiling tracking and adjustable beds for Rachel and Janneke. Emily got her bike, so I look forward to a ride with her sometime this week. Both Em and Soph started soccer, and we are enjoying the excitement at their games.

Can you believe it will be June this week?! Though it has been raining a lot (too much?), we are so thankful for the warmer weather. This means time outside for the whole family, the 4 o'clock feed on the front porch, and fewer steps in taking the girls to NPCC (no coats and hats!).

Peace for your week.