Happy Birthday, Rachel!

Today is Rachel's 5th birthday. Those early days following her birth of darkness, uncertainty, hope, and tears seem so far away today. Yet, there is a little pit in my stomach as I grieve the absence of the typical.

On the eve of Rachel's birthday, we were invited as guests to the annual NPCC Sports Celebrity Dinner in St. Catharines. Rachel was the special guest as an NPCC child - neither Ralph nor I qualify as sports celebrities. Quite an education for me though, thanks to Dennis Hull and Johnny Bower. Ralph also had to tolerate my (naive) questions: What's with this Hull family anyway?

Ed Chadwick was one of the celebrity guests; he was the sponsor for our table, so we were glad to meet him and thank him. Not sure what Rachel thought of him (more of a Wings fan?), but she did have lots of smiles through the night.

This morning, there were two big sisters up early, decorating cookies for Rachel. Some of them were given to her JK friends, and we hope to give more to our IPRP friends tomorrow.

Our JK friends were so excited to see Rachel for her birthday. We visited for an hour, long enough to get kissed and to pass out cookies, and Rachel had lots of smiles as the kids sang to her - thanks JK and Grade 4!

I look forward to receiving more coin cans from you for the NPCC. Tomorrow is the big day! I am so thankful for all the coins given - wow.

Tomorrow, I will have a chance to share our family's story - and all the coins!- on the radio at 3:20 P.M. Depending on the schedule, I may be on all three: 610 A.M., 105.7 F.M., and 97.7.F.M. or just one of the stations.

For your day, peace.