a few photos

Hope things are going well for you. This morning, I took Em and Soph for a little time away, and one of our stops included the New Hope Bike Co-op (part of a community church in Hamilton) where we found a purple bike for Emily that matches her new purple eye glasses. Once Brad updates and fixes it, she'll be riding all summer long!

Here's a couple of photos from the week:

We were at Ella's fundraising garage sale last week, and we found this lamp. It has captured Janneke's attention ever since, and it soothes her restlessness in the evening. Nice that all three girls (Ella, R and J) benefit from one lamp.

With the warmer weather this week, I had the girls on the front porch, watching neighbour Austin play. I also had some fun blowing bubbles for them; their anticipation was encouraging.

Recently, Janneke figured out how to shut the doors of her little toy. We call it her job. Not sure if Rachel is impressed with Janneke's new skill.

And what to do on a rainy afternoon? Make faces with your sister....

Or just crawl into a fort (aka a large box) and hang out.