every little bit counts

How sweet is the sound of cousins singing Happy Birthday over the phone! This was taken while cousins Luke and Kyle Gibbons chirped their congratulations - met with obvious joy.

Yesterday was the NPCC radiothon, and we are thankful with the NPCC community to share the final amount raised exceeded $160,000. It was exciting to be a small part of this event, and the $1,300 many of you contributed was greatly appreciated. With the cupcake sales and Smudge Fundaes concert at Beacon Christian School, the cups of loose change collected at various businesses, homes, and schools, including the three Schouten children selling plants in their neighbourhood, we hope more awareness of and commitment to the NPCC is generated. Niagara needs NPCC, and NPCC needs Niagara.

God is doing amazing things through the NPCC. No denying that.

We enjoyed hearing the stories from other families, and I had a chance to share our story over the three stations. Hopefully, these stories create awareness and commitment.

Here's a couple photos from Janneke recently:

We either have to consider another stander or work on manipulating Rachel's stander, so that both girls will have "standing" therapy each day here at home. Janneke continues to surprise us with her weight-bearing skills!

The fact of bringing that loose change reminds us all that if everyone helps - in big or small ways - all those little bits create one significant contribution. Every little bit counts.

And here's where those little bits start for our family:

Tomorrow is our first fundraiser for our family van - a garage sale in Manheim (Kitchener, Ontario). Every little bit counts here. I just spoke with Michelle (sister-in-law), and she shared many people have helped to bring items for sale, two classes at Laurentian Hills Christian School that have contributed with baking and other items, and generous neighbours who even don't know our family have also helped. Awesome. Humbling.

I've set up a link next to our post that will take you to our van fundraiser website. It is in its infancy stages, but in time, we will have posted the various fundraising events to take place here in Niagara but also in Hamilton. There is a lot of fun planned!

The details for our need for this van will be shared over time, but the reality remains: Our family needs a wheelchair accessible van - a van that can accommodate two wheelchairs, two caregivers, two parents, and two awesome big sisters. The van companies we have talked with all point us to a Sprinter.

So, here's a photo from a service truck in our driveway. While our chair lift on the deck was being repaired, I took a photo to help visualize the possibility. I think it helps you get the idea.

Allow me to clarify, this is not Ralph and I planning - we have a very special team of family and friends who are coordinating all the work. If you have questions or wish to help in some way, you can connect with us, or you can connect with our team (info@appealforwheels.com). Sometimes, a healthy distance makes things a bit simpler.

We are humbled by all the excitement, but we are so thankful for the support. We look forward to sharing this new part of our journey with you.

In the meantime, we are still taking life one day at a time.

Peace for your weekend.

two someones who can't wait for warmer weather...