We had cousin Caleb over the other day, and he was singing and swinging with the girls. I couldn't help but notice the beautiful crop of hair on his head (growing back in after losing it during treatment), and I couldn't help hearing his song - about miracles.

He was singing about God making miracles. I couldn't recall the song, but the word miracle is still in my head today.

Yes, miracles still happen. Miracles might not always be sensational, and I need to be reminded of that. Miracles remind us to be thankful.

We are thankful that Rachel is showing interest in weight-bearing and movement. Sure, she doesn't move more than a step in twenty minutes, but she is happy and showing interest.

We are thankful to witness Janneke zipping around the room in her Pacer, chasing her current favourite toy, a set of drums. Her recent skill of going to the door, as if to get outside on the driveway, is evidence of a personality that won't be limited to her disability.

We are thankful we did not spend time in the hospital this Easter. For the last two Easters, we've been in the hospital with Janneke - 2009 for the aftermath of her birth and 2010 for her seizures.

This photo appears clinical, but we are so thankful for homecare and medical advancements for kids like ours. This was taken when our homecare nurse was flushing Janneke's portacath - while she was being fed through her g-tube. We are so thankful so much can be done at home.

We are thankful for our church family, for their willingness to learn alongside us, for the love and concern they show. Last week, an older couple came to us and said, "Your children, all the children here, are so important to us."

In this photo, Mendelt is directing the children as they sang on Easter morning. He had a little help from Rachel who supervised the whole business. It took some help (thanks, Boks family) to get the equipment to church, but there's something special about having Rachel stand with her peers.

And above all, we are thankful for grace and joy. It's no accident that Rachel and Janneke carry those as middle names. We are given joy for our journey through His grace, evident on the cross and alive in the resurrection.

So, we might not always get it right. And there will be crappy days.


We know how this Story ends.

Peace for your week.