spring fun

Yesterday was another spring teaser with summer-like temperatures and beautiful sunshine. Time to pull out the trampoline!

Neighbour Alexa wandered over to give Rachel and Janneke some stepping help in their Pacers. How refreshing to be spending time outside again - basketball, the trampoline, Pacer time, and Vitamin D therapy.

Love this love.

And you think Rachel was a little happy to be in her swing again? I'd say she was ecstatic.

The funny part? Janneke sitting in her too-small swing next to Rachel, watching Rachel swing. I almost felt as if she was sending jealous looks.

And we had a happy almost-five year old tonight whose casts came off (thanks to neighbour Dennis's tin snips). She had a bath, a massage, and lots of smiles right before bed.

Mind you, she's been very tolerant of the casts so far. Tomorrow is a new cast day; Kirsten is coming along to support Rachel while I take Janneke to physio. Another busy day at NPCC.