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A pigtail kind of day...

Do butterflies have tails? Well, whatever the case, our visit to the Butterfly Conservatory in the Falls was quite exciting for Rachel. We joined our JK friends from Beacon for a morning adventure on Friday.

How do you feel about a flutterby on your head, Rachel?

Looks like an arms-length away is preferred.

A butterfly kiss!

And there was so much to see! The whole group was excited to have Rachel join them, and I noticed how accustomed they have grown to Rachel. The girls were forever wiping her drool, changing her bibs, and coming over to kiss her. Our friend Thomas would run back to check on Rachel if we were lagging behind the group.

I didn't think too much of this until we passed another school group of little munchkins who simply stared at Rachel. I decided not to interpret this as rude but mere curiousity. I think it is easier to handle the stares of small children than the stares of grownups - who are trying not to stare.

I love being with kids who are used to Rachel and Janneke. I take for granted that our NPCC friends, our school community, and our church family love our girls and are used to them. I am reminded of how great this is when I take the girls somewhere new. The stares, pointed fingers, whispers are not always easy to tolerate.

I much prefer the little boy at the Conservatory who walked out at the same time we did and turned to me to ask, "Why she so grumpy?!" And then I told because she didn't know who he was. A short conversation continued.

Yet, the mom was in a hurry to go. I kind of wish she had the time to stop and use the opportunity to share.

Something else I thought about today, thanks to Pastor J's message this morning. We talked about being content. I thought about the many times when I almost holler at God for peace. It's those moments when I wish He would change my circumstance, but I know that He will provide peace and strength instead.

Yet, it's not just a gift, it's also a discipline.

The author writes: "I have learned to be content in the circumstance" (Philippians 4). This discipline is not crafted of our own ability, but, as written further in the same passage, we can do this through His strength.

No matter how much I think I can "make it work" with friends, family, resources, the reality is: I need His strength. My own wits won't last.

Not always an easy journey, this life, eh?

Speaking of other things that won't last.... this fort had to be taken down or supper would not be served. I know, I'm mean.

As an aside: My cousin Brenda is running the Boston Marathon to celebrate her 40th birthday. Now, that's discipline! Run and enjoy, Brenda!

Peace for your week.

Thanks, Kelly VT, for your photos!