hair tails, heroes, and a run

A couple of firsts this week.

Pigtails - thanks to Nurse Betty.

It was Abby's turn to sit beside Rachel in JK. They both happened to have tails.

Superheros - thanks to our neighbours, Alexis and Austin.

Within days of posting the Change Crusader info, we received the first jar of change for NPCC. Rachel has her "I dare you" look.

A run.

Rachel made motor sounds with her lips the entire run. It went well, and once I deal with some stress in the left shin, we are good to go for races this summer. More kms for NPCC!

And though we had lots of fun signing Rachel's casts the first year of her life, it was extra special to have new friends sign her legs. Each week, there will be new casts, so the signing novelty will probably wear off. So far, she is tolerating her new boots, and we hope the whole process will help her with weight-bearing. She is much heavier to lift, but I am thankful she shows no signs of stress.

Thomas took this job very seriously as he spelled his full name on her boot. He was so patient afterwards with Rachel; as he talked with her, she kept spitting on him. He kept wiping his arm and face without complaining. The kids are learning that Rachel communicates with spit and sounds from her lips.

Enjoy your weekend. Need a cup for that loose change?