ferry and fun

Sombra Ferry - to Marine City, MI

Some time away is a good thing... Emily, Sophia, and I went with my sister Rhoda to see family in the Detroit area - for one night! My brother Dave and his wife Jodi had their youngest, Julia, dedicated in church on Sunday morning. My parents were also able to be there, so it was a nice little family retreat. Ralph had Rachel and Janneke at home, and we were thankful that both Ashley and Christina could help out at home too.

A half-family holiday brings complicated feelings for me and for Em and Soph. We appreciate the break from the feed/med schedule. Actually, it is amazingly freeing, but we all miss the other half of the family.

Both Emily and Sophia spent a lot of time playing with their 7 month old cousin - such a happy little one! I can't ignore the obvious differences between my niece and my youngest two, but it is comforting to see Emily and Sophia being equally doting with Rachel and Janneke as well as Julia. I had to laugh at myself when Grandma first handed Julia to me to hold: I automatically reached in to protect her g-tube and portacath.... which she doesn't have. I am just too used to that with my girls!

And when we return in the middle of the snowstorm (!), I was greeted with cheery smiles from Rachel and Janneke. Love that.

Janneke usually shows just a glimmer of a smile, and the photo of Rachel was taken just as I peered into her bed.

So, another week begins. We've polished off the chocolate Goldfish crackers already (only in America, eh?).

How to have fun with Janneke: Wedge a balloon in her Pacer and watch her try to alternately kick it out and push it out.

Rachel's latest trick: Biting her bib and grinning at the same time.

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