A cup, a new pair of boots, and a disco ball

So, I've got this idea....

This month is Change Crusader month, a time when you collect your loose change to help change a child's life at Niagara Peninsula Children's Centre. It ends on May 5 with the annual radiothon lead by Astral Media.

If you want to collect your loose change, you are encouraged to visit one of a number of locations to sign up and pick up your change bag.

But, I got to thinking. What about all those well-meaning people who don't have the time to pick up the change bag, or they simply forget?

That would be me if circumstances were different.

So... I made this ultimate coffee cup. The lid is sealed on it, and there is a coin slot on top. And it's compostable! Go green.

I will make you one of these cups. If you want my kids' photo on it, I'll do that too. Set it in your office workroom, your desk, your house, or somewhere else visible. I'll bring the cup to you. I'll pick it up the first week of May. Contact me. I would love to hear from you.

At a time when our lawn signs divide us and we consider casting our votes (another election in Canada!), we can do something together.

And speaking of casting.... okay, that was a terrible transition:

Rachel started serial casting today. For the next number of weeks, she will have her legs casted to help manipulate the foot into a "normal" position. This was done before, but we are trying again. Her feet prefer the clubbed foot position, but that does not help her bear weight. Each week, the casts will come off and then be immediately replaced with new ones. All this is done at the NPCC.

And no, she did not show signs of pain with this procedure. The casts are made with careful consideration to her threshold of tolerance and pain.

These boots are made for walking....

After our morning at NPCC, the girls napped, and later, we had another wonderful music session with Mendelt. Rachel is positively joy-filled when he plays and sings with her.

In the meantime, Janneke figured out how to grasp a hanging disco ball. Good times, good memories.

Hope to hear from you.