change crusaders... change lives!

Become a superhero for the month of April -become a Change Crusader!

As we anticipate the annual Niagara Peninsula Children's Centre radiothon with Astral Media - 610 cktb, 105.7 ez rock, and 97.7 hitz fm on May 5, we want to draw attention to the kick-off this Friday morning, April Fool's Day.

There's no foolin' here: April 1 is the first official day for Change Crusaders. Your spare change can help change a child's life through the services and resources offered at NPCC.

Sure, the government gives some money for these services, but it isn't nearly enough to provide care for all the kids that need it here in the Niagara Region. The wait list is big - too big. There shouldn't be a wait list.

When I walk through the doors of NPCC, I am reminded of my blessings. It wasn't so long ago that my grandparents had to give their mentally challenged son, my uncle, over to the institutional care provided in Woodstock. He was still a boy at the time. There were few, if any, resources available to parents at that time.

Today, we have many resources; centres like NPCC give hope to families who find themselves in a new normal. And this isn't just about children like Rachel and Janneke who are both mentally and physically challenged.

This also a place for speech therapy - and other related services that very ordinary children need. The first five years of any child's life are critical for development. A wait list is not a place for children to grow. There are milestones missed simply because there is not enough funding.

For the month of April, dive into your couches, crawl around and peer under furniture, clean out the car, and check the washing machine for your spare change. Do the superhero thing and fly around your space, seeking any and all coins.

I especially challenge schools in the Niagara region to consider partnering as Change Crusaders. The services offered through NPCC are vital for children transitioning into the mainstream classroom. What if your school set aside five days -one day per coin- or five weeks -one week per coin?

pick a penny.
nip a nickel.
dive for dimes.
quest for quarters.
lug in loonies.
truck in the toonies.

Well, you get the idea.

If you want, we will come and visit your school or classroom and share our experience with NPCC. Rachel loves meeting new friends; I can't promise Janneke will smile, but she has been decent with crowds lately.

Listen this Friday morning here or here. Our family will be part of the broadcast between 8 and 9 in the morning, starting with 610 AM at 8:10 AM. The radio will explain how you can be a superhero for NPCC.

If you don't have time to listen, at least check this link.

We are excited to be a part of raising awareness for NPCC. The centre has meant so much to our family.

fun with physio

it wasn't that long ago we started with the stander...

and now our legs can tolerate a few seconds of supported weight!

And.. yes, we will start our running for NPCC again soon.