photo highlights

Um, I wonder who's hiding in this fort?

Hi, Mom. You found us!

Em and Soph spent the later part of Saturday afternoon, building a fort - complete with campfire.

My favourite moment? When they assumed I would have no problem carrying Rachel and Janneke into the fort, including their feed pumps. But, why not, Mom?

Rachel and I had a chance to visit with my parents on Thursday night. Rachel was thrilled to be with them, and I laughed as we pulled into their driveway. She started making a hard "g" sound, making me wonder if she actually knew exactly what I was up to. It was great to visit with them and see Dad doing so well after his hip surgery.

I've decided one of the best jobs is being an occupational therapist or a speech language pathologist. You get to paid to play. I realize that it isn't always easy, but Janneke sure enjoys all the fun. This week, we were experimenting with coloured water and things that float.

She was learning to anticipate when the water was being poured. That's one big glass of Kool-Aid, kiddo!

And we visited JK again on Friday, this time with the stander. The kids loved seeing Rachel - "She's as tall as me now!" and "Look, she's standing, she's standing!"

Truthfully, the real highlight of the week was when our friend Mendelt came to play piano with Rachel. I want to save that reflection for the next post because I hope to share some video or photos with you. It was a 40 minute session that gave Rachel the ability to almost sing. She began talking and didn't stop for the next 24 hours, save 6 hours for sleeping. It gave us so much joy.

But more on that later.

Now it's time to make formula, tell Janneke not to wake up until the next feed, and then go to bed.