piano play

Lately, the piano has become a favourite for both Rachel and Janneke. They used to enjoy simply listening while Emily or Sophia played, but now they want to play themselves. (Photo credit: Ashley)

Whether sitting or standing, they love to sit in front of the keys and make music.

Janneke has been very active in playing the keys. Rachel is more content to wait, listen, and then hit one or two notes. Janneke will stick both hands on -and only stop when she knows I am taking a picture!

Janneke has also figured out how to move forwards in her walker. And of course, she often heads straight for the piano.

When she is sitting in her chair at the keys, I love how she pushes her little feet against the wall of the piano to give her more "oomph" in reaching the notes. (This photo shows under the keys.) On Sunday, I wheeled her beside our talented friend Mendelt as he played the grand piano at church. She put her hands on the keys to join him, and the looks she gave his hands and then her own hands suggested piano envy.

Rachel is still contemplating her moves in the walker. She has moved a bit more in the last few days, but there are only a few steps, and they come after considerable waiting. She is teaching us patience.

And she is reminding us that she cannot be compared to Janneke. In these last few days, we are seeing more differences in their developmental skills. Perhaps that is to be expected since we also see differences between Em and Soph. A normal concept.

Today, Rachel spent some time in JK. She loved listening to her dad share her favourite story with the JK class - Is Your Mama a Llama? She also spent time with Zekijah. Z asks every day when Rachel is coming to visit. Another little friend, N, also was eager to share her puzzle. I love the little people of JK.

Rachel and I also took time to visit a special friend who is slowly regaining her strength and health after a challenging autumn. I wanted to include this photo because it shows the joy Rachel has when she is held and cuddled. It was a treat to share this hour with our friend.

Forward we go into the rest of January. We have a few appointments at Mac this month - checkups on kidneys for Rachel and ENT for both girls. I'll add updates later. Next week, we start back at the children's centre again. Rachel will be there four mornings, and Janneke will be there two mornings each week. We anticipate small but forward steps of progress. And I anticipate busier weeks.

Hey, Christmas tree! See you soon over a couple of glowing logs, with marshmallows and weiners hovering over your branches.


I do feel compelled to add a short note to this post for our Minnesota friends who are grieving the sudden loss of a dear friend and teacher - and former colleague of Ralph's. Bonnie Oberloh was preparing to return to her third grade classroom at the beginning of this week, but instead, was taken into the arms of Jesus. So soon, so sad - yet we know Christ will one day restore this world, and Bonnie firmly believed this too.