weekend reflections

I love to catch Janneke over by our painted window. She often looks at the colours, and I wonder if she tries to catch her face in the reflection.

She also spends time rocking back and forth, back and forth.

Rachel really enjoys seeing her friends in the JK class at Beacon. She loves to watch the kids play and hear them sing familiar songs like "The More We Get Together" and "The Days of the Week." One of the first to run and greet her is Zekijah. Z and all the other kids love to show Rachel what they are doing, and several of them almost argue over who can sit next to her, push her, etc. Maybe the novelty of Rachel's visits will wear off in time for the kids, but Rachel loves their love.

Yes, there are those rare moments when Rachel is not smiling as seen in this photo of bouncing on the therapy balls with Sophia. I am trying to teach her to push with her feet when we bounce, but she is not so sure of my plan!

On Friday night, Emily asked if she could bake cookies with Janneke. Janneke was quite serious the whole time, but she reached out her little fingers to touch the bits of dough and flour Emily gave her.

I love her determination here, as if she is studying Emily's actions before attempting her own.

So, Sinter Klaas has come and gone, and we start another week. Last night, we had time to add the decorations to our tree, and that is always fun because each ornament has a story or at least a smile. Several ornaments come from students and others are handmade by our kids. Each year, there are a few that break and have to be tossed, but we try to keep as many as we can. I love the time to reflect on how much has changed -and how faithful God has been to us over the years.

A couple of us were discussing tonight the early chapters of Joshua when God told the Israelites to set 12 standing stones. The stones were to serve as a visible reminder of His faithfulness in carrying His people through the Jordan.

Okay, so a handmade ornament of glitter, glue and macaroni isn't exactly like a huge standing stone, but I still love being reminded of His faithfulness when I look at our tree.