a few reflections

It's been a bit since I last posted. We've dealt with some long nights, little sleep, and lots of colds. Both Rachel and Janneke are on antibiotics, and that seems to be helping them out. They are sleeping better at night -and so are we! Sleep is so important to keeping balanced and healthy perspective.

School is out for the holidays, and we are enjoying some time at home before the family gatherings begin.

Rachel is helping out Emily with Apples to Apples.

Janneke would rather stare at her hands or the stripes on her pants.

Janneke continues to move around our house in her Pacer. The downside to having her in the walker is that she is forever getting stuck or running into things.

"Mom, Janneke's going for the tree again!"
(She moves backwards -not forwards.)

Poor Sophia's boots! We figured out that
Janneke's been running them over too many times!

And of course, our door frames and trim - yikes!

I had a chance to meet with our paediatrician on Friday at Mac. He examined both Rachel and Janneke, and he was pleased with their progress. There are a number of minor concerns, and we hope to get re-aquainted with our ENT specialist soon to discuss Rachel's sleep apnea, but we are thankful that there is nothing of great concern at this time. I was thankful for Carolyn's help, and when Rhoda showed up with homemade spice cookies, Dr. Roy joined us for cookies and laughs before the official appointment started.

Janneke continues to visit NPCC for physio therapy. Here, at home, we follow up with similar activities. Janneke does not enjoy lifting her head, but we practice when we can.

"But, my head is so heavy, Mom."

"Okay, maybe I'll lift it for just a bit."

Well, it's a few days before Christmas, and I've just started the Christmas cards. Not sure how far I'll get before the 25th! We look forward to time with family here at our house, and we also look forward to more family memories before the routine of school begins again.