a wintry run

This Saturday marks our last race for 2010, weather and health pending. We will be in Hamilton at Confederation Park for the annual race - with both Road2Hope and Worldwide Christian Schools. This will also be our last 5K for the Niagara Peninsula Children's Centre. We had hoped to cover 200K while pushing, but we will most likely end at 150K.

Being a part of the event for Worldwide Christian Schools is important to us. Before Rachel was born, both Ralph and I were certain we would be using our teaching background in an international school, possibly helping in a developing country. But, with the arrival of Rachel and now Janneke, it seems we are not headed overseas anytime soon.

Running for the NPCC is also important to us because it is the link for us with other resources, amazing therapists who become part of our care team, and it is a place of hope for many other families in similar circumstances.

Both organizations work towards improving the future for children and future generations. WWCS works with indigenous leaders to develop and establish schools within the culture and community. NPCC works with families and kids as they are, encouraging personal growth and development - "Kids with special needs at their best."

So, maybe we will see you there on Saturday? You can also financially support either/both organizations with these links (NPCC and WWCS). It might be the last day to register for the race, but there is never a last day to give or show your support. : )

Have a good week. And a special thanks to the youth who worked hard on raking our leaves!