Tuesday night

sweet sister love

It's about 9:30 at night, quiet time around here. Feed pumps are whirring, and the girls are resting. Both Janneke and Ralph have been unwell for the past several days. Admittedly, the weekend was not relaxing - not a lot of sleep, the coffee maker stopped working (!), and our plans for fun came undone.

Janneke started with a cold that quickly progressed to her eye (pink eye). She seems to be mending, but her cold and eye infection prevented us from traveling to SickKids in TO for a long-awaited appointment with geneticists. I know we don't plan to be sick, but the timing wasn't great. Now we may have to wait another 7 months for that particular appointment. In the meantime, there are other appointments slotted at both SickKids and Mac for the next couple of weeks.

Before Janneke's sniffles manifested into something greater, she had her hearing tested (again), and they deduced she has a mild hearing loss. Because she is so young, a hearing aid was not recommended yet. The hope is that her hearing may change (improve) over time. This happened with Rachel, so we will see if that is the same for Janneke in about six months.

One of our plans this weekend was to paint the sliding door window for Christmas. I was very proud of Emily and Sophia, as they did most of the work. I was unable to help because Janneke required extra attention, but I did have have time to snap a few photos of the work in progress. Completed design photos yet to come...

If you are curious, it's tempera powder paint mixed with dish soap. You design your picture on paper, tape it to the outside of your window and then paint the inside. When you are tired of your design, simply wash your windows. When I was young, we would do this to our front window in December. Aunt Alida, do you remember the patterns you used to send us?

So, now in the quiet, I can finish the laundry, unpack the dishwasher, send off a few emails, make formula, and clean up from the day. We've got the Benadryl, Advil, and Pedialyte on hand, and I hope their bowels rest through the night.

Couple of random thoughts:

Check out this link - some brave souls and a few familiar faces spreading contagious holiday cheer in Welland. Wouldn't you like to be surprised by a flash mob?

Consider a unique gift for Christmas -your blood. The more I hear about my nephew Caleb's journey with zucchinia (his word for leukemia) and the transfusions he requires from time to time, I think that blood is a greater gift to give than chocolates or fruitcake.

And I was sorting through some old photos from Christmases past. This photo makes me smile and feel a bit sad. Rachel now wears the outfit that Emily is pictured in. The distance between normal and abnormal development becomes more obvious the older Rachel gets.

This photo just make me laugh and laugh. How hard I tried to get a decent holiday photo in 2006! Poor Rachel. She was being smothered with love.

Okay, this syringe is calling my name. Time to make formula for the next day.