Thursday update

Christmas lights up yet?

I can't believe how quickly stores capitalize with the holiday shoppers, starting with The First Noel on the first of November. Yet, I must admit, this Saturday, I hope to paint our sliding door window with the girls. When I was younger, my mom would often have all of us participate in painting a Christmas scene on the windows. Sure, it was difficult to look out the window, but it was an inexpensive and fun way to remind ourselves of the Reason for the season. And I am not one for sparkly clean windows any other time!

We were blessed with an opportunity to take our girls to a hotel last night. We don't often travel with all four girls - the trip to Michigan a few weeks ago was the first in a long time - but this trip was just down the road in the Falls. Our older girls absolutely loved the hotel experience, and all six of us enjoyed splashing in the waterpark. It wasn't Great Wolf Lodge, but it was perfect for our first time out. I wish we could have taken some photos of the girls in the water, but we had our hands full managing both Rachel and Janneke in the water. Suffice to say, all four girls were all smiles. It was a joy-filled evening.

Yes, joy-filled but lacking sleep... such is a night away from home

The next few weeks will be busy with different appointments at Mac and SickKids, but we are so thankful that we could steal away for a night, and we are thankful that all four girls have been reasonably healthy. This is wonderful -so different from last year with all the H1N1 hype.

Hope your weekend is rest-filled.

Rachel absolutely loves hearing the piano. Last weekend, we were treated with two friends from my college days, Renee and Kim.
Wonderful conversations and great encouragement
-not to mention more adults wishing to give our girls lots of love, smiles, and better piano skills.

Janneke is figuring out her big sister's favourite toy.