run done

We are back from our race. What a beautiful, albeit cold, day to run along Lake Ontario! We are thankful for safety during our race and blessed with the familiar faces that ran and cheered with us. I love the sound of the cow bell as people finish -great fun to cheer for Dave, Dan, and Brenda with the 10K. It was so good to see some of my cousins there, and we loved cheering for Grandma as she crossed the finish line! I did miss my sister Jess. Caleb's counts were too low to risk hanging out with lots of people, so they cheered from home.

Both of the Boersma twins (family friends) kept checking out
Rachel and Janneke prior to the race -pressing their faces again the plastic.

Okay, it's like Where's Waldo -can you find me and the girls?
And maybe you'd recognize the two champion runners next to me?

There were two admirable and equally inspiring moments in the morning: One of my consistent encouragers with running is my friend Sally who, last year at this time, was the opposite of the sunny runner I saw today. Last year, she was dealing with a major health issue, and to be blunt, it is a miracle to share the race with her this morning. You are loved, Sally. Praise God.

The other moment occurred during the race. Two men passed me, and as they ran, the other commented on the direction of the turn and the path (gravel vs. pavement) of the course. I was curious as to why he was so specific with his running partner.... until I saw them both holding a small, single piece of rope. I realized they were matched for stride, and the one man was guiding the other, who was sight-impaired.

Talk about trust. And faith. Amazing. I can't forget that image of the two of them running just ahead of me. I know there are many parallels and analogies to draw from this experience. But, I will leave it at the description. You can mull it over.

I was proud of my girls, Emily and Sophia, who ran the 1K. They enjoyed the experience and "beat" Dad across the finish line. After being rewarded with cake in the runners tent after the race, they are more than ready to do another race. Free cake?! Why not?

Thank you for supporting our running this spring and summer. The three of us covered 147 km. I had hoped to cover more, but this is a good start. I hope to return to racing with the girls next spring, and maybe we can go even further. For now, I will continue with my own running and strength training. The girls are getting heavier and lifting them is always a challenge. We also appreciate all the financial support raised for NPCC. Your money does directly affect the therapy and resources available for both Rachel and Janneke. And... you are encouraged to find ways to support your local children's treatment centres all year round!

For these feet, I will keep running.