it's Wednesday today

Well, last week, it was the ground beef left on the stove. This week, it was the oatmeal. At least my stove gets cleaned frequently.

Another week, and I feel a bit like a hamster on a wheel - constantly spinning around from one thing to the next. But, yet the routine feels okay. It doesn't leave room for much beyond the kids' routines with school and therapy, but Ralph and I did snag dinner out for his birthday last week. I am proud of my older two with remembering their homework and their lunches each day, even if Sophia uses the scooter in the house. Emily recently picked up finger knitting and has decided to sell what she makes, so she can go to college. Love that.

I'm in a group with some moms of kids with special needs, and I was reminded of how we might be connected because of the unique needs of our kids - but our kids are still so different from each other. Sometimes, I am envious of a diagnosis. A diagnosis can bring a pattern and can connect you with other parents like you. Not long ago, a friend told me she wished her kid had Down Syndrome instead of "unknown syndrome" so at least there would be something familiar. I understand that feeling.

But, this life is what it is. Can't sit around waiting or wishing for changes or diagnoses. There are broken slinkys to fix (yes, I had to fix one yesterday) and races to prepare for (November 6). Time to also stock up on barrier cream because the cold weather is coming, and it is not gentle on hands that are frequently washed.

Today, it was amazing to see the leaves blown and tossed by the wind - almost in a pattern of dance as they moved through the air. Thank you, Nancy, for raking my leaves again today. With all the wind, I was reminded of Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day. I hid under my seat for that entire movie when I was in kindergarten. I have since worked through my wind phobia.

Sophia and cousin Aaron

Tonight, Rachel and Ralph are having a sleepover at SickKids in TO. Rachel is booked for a sleep study. Not sure what kind of results will come of a one night stay in an unfamiliar room for Rachel, but maybe we will get some insight on her sleep issues.

Rachel continues to LOVE her preschool program! Her face lights up when I say we are going to school. When we start to sing the familiar songs, she makes her chirping sounds and spits with excitement. It is fun to see her with the class, as I can sometimes spy on the class while Janneke is at the centre for physio. She has also connected with the other children in the class. There is one boy who loves to push her into the room and looks for her to arrive each morning. We are so thankful for this program and her development.

Earlier this week, we spent some time at Mac to discuss GI issues (gastrointestinal). Hopefully, we can find something to help both girls manage the gas pain and intestinal discomfort. It seems that Rachel struggles more with gas and reflux than Janneke.

Janneke is also developing in her own way. Yesterday, her physio therapist put her on a blue plastic Little Tikes rocking horse, and Janneke tried to make it rock. She was so proud of herself. It was awesome to sit and watch her make that connection between her feet and her brain. Very cool. Now I have to find that Little Tikes horse, so we can have more rockin' times at home.

She also had some neat moments with a beach ball last weekend. I watched her look at the ball and deliberately decide to hit it. It looks like my camera can take a series of photos quickly, but, as with Rachel, Janneke takes her time to make her moves. Thus, my ordinary camera can still capture each step.

Janneke continues to move in her walker. Last night, she moved from the livingroom to our bedroom and trapped herself in the farthest corner. Very funny. We are also anxious for Rachel's walker to arrive, so they can race or play bumper-walkers.

Tomorrow, Rachel and Ralph will return from SickKids, and in the next few days, Janneke will have another hearing test, both girls will return to Mac for another orthopaedic update, and Rachel will continue with school.

Emily and Sophia are in the middle of celebrating their birthdays - Sophia was last week and Emily is this week. We have some parties to plan! We also finished Calvin and Hobbes and decided to move to a more current story, Three Cups of Tea (youth edition). The true stories of life in Pakistan and Afghanistan spur serious discussions, but surprisingly, so did Calvin and Hobbes with the subtle stabs at school bullies, philosophy, and, of course, how Spaceman Spiff avoided math homework.

Have a good week. Take time to colour a picture with some new crayons and congratulate yourself for staying in the lines.