Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian family and friends! Having celebrated both American and Canadian Thanksgiving growing up, I still think having the holiday in October is the best -and most colourful.

So, for our Thanksgiving this year, we headed, well... to Michigan. We visited Dave (my brother) and Jodi and their three kids. We met our new niece, Julia, and we had a wonderful weekend away. Their home is halfway between urban and rural -lots of trees, hills, coyotes, and chickens, but still close to Target and Meijer.

They have a wonderful deck that allowed our girls the space for the walker as well as their chairs. As the rest of the kids ran around, Rachel and Janneke could be a part of the fun. It made us think seriously about how we can make our own backyard more accessible in the future. Lots of dreams.

We also enjoyed the leaves!

We love introducing furry friends to our girls. Rachel loves dogs, and another dream is to have a dog in the family. I need a bit of time yet before we add another dependent creature to the household, though.

We took the gang to see different farm animals at a local petting zoo.

The moment after snapping this photo, the goat leaned to nip Janneke's feeding tube. I was quick to attempt a goat-headlock. Note to self: Hide the feeding tube when visiting the farm.

Speaking of farms, we saw this sign on our drive from the zoo to Dave's house. (I erased the phone number.) Oh, the fun we could have if we had time to be mischievous!

It was a great weekend to escape. Being away from the routine at home allows a person time to think and, in spirit of the holiday, reflect on the blessings. We were so thankful for the amazing weather, for the good coffee, and for the good conversations and play time.

Now we are home. The kids still have colds, but they are sleeping better than last weekend. Tonight, the washing machine is working hard, the kids are bathed and in bed, and, soon, another week begins. For some, tomorrow holds a heaviness, and for others, a new direction. Psalm 23 - He walks with us. Not somewhere way above us - WITH us.

Happy Trails. Have a good week.