first day!

Rachel leaving for preschool program (IPRP) this morning

So, today was the big morning for Rachel - her first session of organized preschool program. She had a great morning! Today, she started with circle time and play time, and half way through, we (the parents) met the kids for a session in the pool. The pool at the children's centre is quite warm and very accessible, so it is a lot of fun.

Rachel was so happy the whole time, making her crowing sounds at the other kids and me. I loved seeing her move her arms and legs in the water, and she was quite proud of herself when she put weight on her feet standing in the water. I also loved hearing her voice, for she has been much quieter this summer than normal.

In short, the morning was joy-filled. A wonderful opportunity for Rachel to grow and show us more of who she is.

Rachel by her cubby - can you see it, Oma?
It's the one with the pink sweater.

Rachel at the end of her morning. Truly tired.

Janneke loves to move in her walker. Each day, she shows off more moves. Now she is moving forwards, backwards, and sideways - all with a smile. The other day, I placed her in our living room, and before long, she had moved herself (about 3 metres) over to the computer where Emily was working.

I think what we love most is that she is slowly but intentionally moving to spots she wants to be. That shows her feet - and her mind - are working hard.

We continue to run with the three of us. We are looking forward to the race on November 6 for WorldWide Christian Schools, and we hope we see some of you there!

Yesterday I ran at the canal with Rachel and Janneke, and the warm weather mixed with the smell of the crisping leaves reminded me of training with Coach Zeitsma in highschool cross country. I loved those runs in the Dundas Valley- even if I didn't really listen to his advice at the time. I guess it took twenty years for me to take his coaching seriously.

So, what's inside the grey torpedo?...

Two very happy passengers that laugh, make sounds,
and kick their legs at the netting.

As for Em and Soph, we've taken a break from historical fiction. Now, before bed, we read Calvin and Hobbes. Uncle Dave, you'd be proud of their giggles and laughter. It probably isn't great parenting to share his antics with such impressionable minds, but Calvin is funny.

Have a good week.