100 and 100 and more?...

So, I just noticed - this is the 100th post in our blog.

And maybe you noticed Rachel and Janneke and I have covered over 100 km in running for the Niagara Peninsula Children's Centre.

It's time for another race.

Consider joining our family on Saturday, November 6 in Hamilton, Ontario for the Road2Hope/Worldwide Christian Schools annual race. Our family hopes to run the 1k and the 5k, depending on weather and health. WWCS is an international, non-denominational organization that works with indigenous leaders to provide Christian education in developing countries. Register for this race here. Hope to see lots of familiar faces!

The first day of school for Em and Soph went well, and they returned willingly again this morning. : ) Once again, I set aside my thoughts of educating them at home and watch them create their own worlds apart from the busyness here. They need that space.

This week and next week, we have assessment times booked for Rachel as we prepare for her educational experience at NPCC. I am working on developing several different feeding schedules that will accommodate the routine Mon-Thurs, Fri-Sat, and then Sunday. I think that's three different routines. Crazy.

Rachel is playing dominoes with her sisters -this is intense.

Rachel and Janneke are relatively healthy despite the odd cough or extra congestion. Rachel still isn't completely herself since that trauma from June in the PCCU. Yet, we see her smile still, and we are optimistic being with other children will encourage more sounds and smiles.

Janneke continues to grow and develop her fine-motor skills. Last night, she was intentionally trying to put our fingers in her mouth. I think she's ready for tastes! I also was able to successfully replace her g-tube with a new one (we do this every three months) with little pain for her.

We had a great weekend with Ralph's niece Mel, her husband Nick, baby Lachlan and Ricky the Dog. Soph got over her fear of dogs and found a new best dog friend. Maybe a dog is in the picture for our family soon?