sand, sun, and sleep

Here's a couple of photos...

Part of Rachel and Janneke's therapy is teaching them play. Recently, we propped them up in our little sandbox and gave them a tactile experience. (Yes, they can sit for a bit on their own; you just can't see our hands behind them, ready to catch them if they fall.) They loved the attention and didn't mind being covered with sand. I was thrilled to see Rachel lean over and put her hands in the sand all on her own. That is a big step for a little girl who used to cringe when we would make her touch things!

Emily and Sophia have loved the extra time with their sisters. Almost every morning, I find one of them in bed with Rachel, just hanging out while Rachel is fed. (Janneke is still in a crib, so they can't crawl in next to her!) My heart feels hugged when I see the love between the girls.

As mentioned before, our days are determined by a typed schedule. There are things that have to happen every day to keep our home sane and the girls healthy. Sometimes we find ourselves a slave to the routine, but the schedule reminds us of what we might forget in the busyness of being a family.

Each week, we visit the pharmacy for various prescriptions. We appreciate the staff over at Shoppers Drug Mart who know us to see us, and they have ordinary conversations with us. The last time Ralph went to pick up the formula, he needed the store dolly. We took 600 cans home that night; that should last for about three months. Wish it looked a little more like IKEA furniture and less like a stack of boxes.

Today, Cousin Caleb met Emily and Sophia at a friend's pool for a swim. It was so fun to spend time with him far away from the hospital. We are thankful for his return to health and for his return to laughter. We would have loved to take Rachel and Janneke along, but they are easily bothered by the humidity.

This is often how I find Rachel sleeping. Chillin'...

Hope all is well with you. Peace.