what we miss and what we have

This week, we had the chance to spend some time with two of our nieces, my sister Jessica's two daughters. We made some neat memories with Nella (3) and Aleah (1), and we also experienced a catharsis of sorts.

It's as if we caught a glimpse of what we miss. These little munchkins are close in age to our Rachel and Janneke. Watching them hop, jump, yell, laugh, sing, and eat reminded us of what Rachel and Janneke don't do.

And I am not saying this in a sorrowful moment or in an attempt to draw pity. It's almost factual. For myself, I had a time to grieve again -and that was a good thing. For Emily and Sophia, they had a chance to do the things they wish they could do with their sisters. Not that they don't love spending time with Rachel and Janneke, but there was something special this week about loving and hugging little girls who love and hug back.

Yet, the best part? We love Rachel and Janneke all the more. And we learned that love and fun come in different ways. It isn't just about what we miss, but it's also about what we have.

Emily took this one of Mom and Rachel

Emily took this one of Mom and Janneke

Emily and Janneke

God knows the journey. And He blesses us even in our sorrow.

Another photo from Emily.